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When Does the Pain Stop?

     So it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. Part of me wants to give you the excuse that I haven’t had the time, because I’m such an important and busy figure in society… Actually, I’m gonna try that for a sec… Hey there, fam! Sorry I haven’t blogged for you all to appreciate me more! I have been pursuing my dream of being a full time hip hop artist! I have been producing, performing, writing and I just haven’t had the time to—okay enough of that nonsense and calamity… That’s not it at all. Truthfully, transparently, humbly, and all of the above, I have put off blogging to focus on some other priorities. Also, I have been waiting to write this one for quite some time. I want this to be completely authentic.

     We all hurt. Are you hurting right now? Personally, I have received a lot of cuts. But they heal quickly. No biggie, I move on. I have suffered deep wounds. Those? Well, they don’t heal so quickly… After some blood loss, pain, and nurturing, they have turned into scars. They don’t hurt anymore, but they are etched on me and within me. I never wanted these scars, but they are mine to bear now. And then… I have diseases. And I’m not talking about diseases like the common cold. I’m talking about cancer… Pain so deep, so rooted, so complicated that it seems as if nothing will ever heal me. We all suffer these same fates. The question we all have is, “When does the pain stop?”

     I’ve been cut multiple times from people. I’ve been called names a hundred times over. I healed and moved on. I was burned in high school, too. I was never accepted on my varsity basketball team, whether by teammates, coaches, or whoever. I was always rejected as the misfit. That burn turned into a scar. And then I have my cancers. I was deeply diseased about a year and a half ago after a break up. I would tell you more, but I plan on giving more details about it in my testimonial song on my next album… (Shoot, did I just say that out loud?) The disease still affects me to this day. "Wow, Rich, you just made me read a reasonably depressing amount of material just now… Thanks for that, bro.”Awesome! I struck a chord in you! But wait… It gets better! 

     We all get burned. We all feel pain. We all suffer trials and hardships. "Not getting any better, Rich…" Shhh, I’m not done yet! Here’s the facts: people are going to hurt us. No matter how hard you try, you are going to suffer in this lifetime. "……….. Thanks for that…" Don’t worry, with every good story comes a dark side.

     You are going to suffer in this lifetime. It’s inevitable. But here’s good news #1: we’re all going to suffer together. You’re not alone. No matter when you feel like you are alone in your pain (which I’ve experience a multitude of times), there is someone else to understand and empathize. Here’s my personal perspective… I want to suffer with you. I want to simply do life together with you. I’m suffering. You’re suffering. Let’s stick together and fight the pain together! We can all band together and form an epic alliance against evil! We’ll call ourselves “The Ultimate Alliance of Dragon-Slayers Against Evil, Pain, and Suffering in this Lifetime Delegated from the Noheshwhatur District” (now tell me that doesn’t sound friggin’ epic…).

     At this point in the blog, I get to express to you one of my biggest pet peeves while at the same time completely relating it to the subject (win-win, boiiiii!). One of my biggest pet peeves is when people tell others “God won’t ever give you more than you can handle.” (*Insert funny but appropriate face here* -____-) That is not true… Here’s what’s up, fam. God is going to give you more than you can handle! He is going to test you, and when He does, the only way you are going to be able to overcome that obstacle is to rely on Him and His strength. So when you get tested, when God is molding you, stop telling God how big your problem is and start telling your problem how big your God is!!

     My biggest goal for this blog is to simply acknowledge your pain. I see you… God sees you… You’re hurt, and it just might be a disease that will hurt for quite some time. God is here to heal you, but in order to do that, you’re going to have to shine some light on the pain. And that’s going to make it burn even worse for a bit… But when the pain hurts too deep, run to Jesus. He is alive and here for you. He might audibly speak to you or He might come to you through His children. God loves to use His people. 

     I don’t claim to have all the answers to your pain. But I can lead you to the One who does. Unfortunately, we’re destined to suffer in this life until Jesus comes to get us. But I can do this much for you… I can do life with you. If you are in pain, feel free to come to me and we can go to the Father together. I love you all, and God has some incredible plans for you in this life! Don’t give up on your purpose! His grace is more than sufficient.



P.S. I hope this song encourages you as it has encouraged me many times over:

Andy Mineo - Death Has Died

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